A lush, green, and healthy spring lawn starts with fall fertilization. And if you want a better lawn to enjoy outside time with your family next spring and summer we have some tips for you. Understand the why’s and how-to’s of adding fall lawn fertilizer, with this easy-to-follow fall fertilization guide.

From when to fertilize to which lawn fertilizers to use and tips for choosing the right spreaders, we’ll help you make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Why Fall?

Fall is the best time to get stuck into your garden to feed and strengthen your lawn. A strong and healthy lawn will have greater tolerance to the dry harsh winter that lies ahead. Feeding the soil with fertilizer will replenish the nutrients that the lawns had taken over the summer months. The fertilizer will also boost the health and of the lawn root system to make the lawn more resilient.

Know your grass type

Depending on your location, the grass type making up your lawn will differ. The main two grass types are;

  • Warm-season grasses that thrive in warm-weather regions, such as the Southern United States.
  • Cool-season grasses that do best with extreme temperature fluctuations, such as those found in the North, Northeast, and Pacific Northwest.

The grass type influences the optimal time for fertilizing and how much. Warm grass types need between 3-4 Pounds of fertilizer a year while cool grass types only need 1-2 Pounds per year. Always measure the amount of fertilizer by a 1,000 square ft space.

Essential nutrients for your fertilizer

As with everything, not all fertilizers are created equally. Ensure that the fertilizer you are using contains these essential nutrients;

  • Nitrogen for the lawn color and growth
  • Phosphorous for healthy root growth
  • Potassium for the overall health of the lawn

Check the label of the fertilizer and consider what you need for your location. Living in areas with colder winters, you should be looking for a fall fertilizer with higher potassium content to boost the overall health of the lawn.

Fall fertilizing tips

Use a lawn spreader for the most consistent application of the fertilizer. See image below for the various types that are available. Do not forget to water the lawn after putting the fertilizer over the lawn. If you have questions, contact us – we’ll be happy to help you with your lawn. 

Fall fertilizer
Photo courtesy of Home Depot

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