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Many people struggle to keep their yards looking green and vibrant. One vital piece of information is that nitrogen is key for healthy, green grass. This article will guide you through simple steps to achieve a lush, green yard. Keep reading for essential tips! Key Takeaways Nitrogen is key to keeping grass healthy and green.

Your lawn might look sick, turning yellow or brown in patches. A healthy, thick grass is your best defense against such problems. This article will show you how to keep your turf green and disease-free. Understanding Lawn Diseases To keep your turf healthy, you need to learn about lawn diseases. Recognizing the signs early on

  Struggling with a lawn that just won’t thrive? A key fact to know is that both fertilizer and weed control play vital roles in cultivating a successful lawn. This article will guide you on effectively using these tools to boost your lawn’s health and appearance. Get ready to transform your yard! Key Takeaways Applying

If you’ve ever spotted a fire ant mound on your lawn, you might think it was just a small problem. It’s a tiny pile of dirt after all. How hard could it be to get rid of it? Unfortunately, there’s a lot packed into that little mound. Fire ant colonies can contain over 200,000 workers and

You fertilize, seed, mow, and water, yet nothing you do seems to improve the look of your lawn. Your problem might be that your lawn needs core aeration. Our lawns in Houston, TX, face blazing hot summers and cold winters. Then, we expect it to grow green and lush. Core aeration can help you revitalize

From 2001 to 2022, Houston experienced a significant loss in its tree population. This was a decrease of nearly 28% from levels seen in 2000. To put it in perspective, this loss equates to forgoing the air-cleaning capabilities of almost 20 million cars! How can we address this? One promising approach is deep root fertilization. Think

Texas homeowners have a lot to contend with when trying to grow a green lawn. High heat, unpredictable levels of rain, and drought-scorched soil can get in the way without the right intervention. This year, chinch bugs also caused millions of dollars of damage to Texas turf grass. If you aren’t careful, you could face serious devastation

Brown spots. Weeds. Thinning. These are all problems that lawns can run into-unless you’re facilitating proper lawn care. The question is: what does proper lawn care entail? There’s quite a bit that goes into it, and we’re going to discuss it all in detail below. Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about

Do you see fire ants around your house? Have you exhausted all options to try to get rid of them yourself? If you answered yes to these questions, just know you are not alone. About 14 million households in the United States have pests within their four walls. What should you do if you have a fire

Summertime in Greater Houston means pool parties, backyard barbecues, and of course, beautiful lawns to host them on. But as the temperatures rise, so do the pesky weeds that threaten to ruin your picturesque outdoor space. Luckily, there’s a simple solution – a good old-fashioned summer weed and feed you’ve (hopefully) applied pre-season. If you’re unfamiliar