If you have tried to get rid of fire ants before, you may have noticed how hard they are to get rid of. While many treatments will try to kill a mound of ants quickly, these are only temporary fixes and generally result in fire ant problems again in a short time span.

As winter sets in, now is a great time to plan to get rid of fire ants in your yard. This is a great time to utilize some bait treatments to kill the ant colony through their stomachs, because with the onset of winter, fire ants will be busy foraging for food.

Don’t be fooled into believing that fire ants will die off in the winter. This just isn’t true. Fire ants will go deeper and deeper into their mound to survive during winter months.

So, what’s a good plan to get rid of fire ants?

The Coastal Green Fire Ant Method:

We bait the mound by evenly distributing the bait (dust /small granular form) around the mound, but not in it. When the ants come out looking for food, they will take the bait to the queen and eventually she will die – killing off the colony. There are two ways of controlling a mound either with liquid or granular form. We prefer the granular form at Coastal Green.

You can complete a broadcast application over the entire lawn as a general way to control, although this method can be costly because you are using more bait. Generally, we want to create a 3-foot radius around the mound. This is done because the ants will feel threatened and move the queen -and the mound- and at least there will be bait nearby that will aid in killing the mound.

Remember – think long term! Use fire ant baits throughout the winter so that enough of the bait gets taken into the mound and shared among all the ants of that colony.

Whichever bait you choose to use, follow the instructions carefully so you adequately treat the target mound. You also need to follow instructions so that you do not cause harm to any pets or unintended wildlife. Most baits you will sprinkle around the target mound in a circle, 1.5-2 feet away. Some baits will call for some repeat applications, some will not. Within a few weeks or a few months (depending on the application and size of mound/s) the bait should kill off the colony of fire ants.

This is not a quick fix to a fire ant problem, but it is your best plan to get rid of fire ants and take care of that colony. Contact us today to find out more about our FREE Fire Ant control service for NEW customers!

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